Trust & Estate Administration Services

FNB brings years of experience to the job of settling an estate, plus in-depth knowledge of today’s ever-changing and complex tax laws. As a Corporate Trustee or Corporate Executor, we facilitate all the details of administering your estate and distributing your assets in accordance with your Trust document or Last Will and Testament. We work closely with your family and other professional advisors you choose in making sure your wishes are carried out in accordance with your estate planning documents.

Rely on FNB to:

  • Collect income and dividends generated by trust or estate assets
  • Distribute income and principal to beneficiaries per your stated wishes
  • Make decisions consistent with your Estate Planning documents
  • Maintain records for your assets and investments

Trust & Estate Taxes

  • Resources and knowledge to help save time and identify tax savings to simplify your life.
  • Familiarity with special tax questions that arise when an estate is settled

Trust & Estate Settlement Services

  • Streamline and simplify the whole process
  • Minimize federal estate and gift taxes
  • Gather, safeguard, and distribute assets
  • Pay all debts