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Estate and Trust Administration

At FNB, we understand that estate and trust administration is a task that requires not only experience but also a deep understanding of the ever-evolving and intricate landscape of tax laws. As a Corporate Trustee or Corporate Executor, we take on the crucial responsibility of overseeing every aspect of administering your estate, guiding you through the process, and ensuring the precise distribution of your assets, all in strict accordance with your Trust document, living trust or Last Will and Testament. We recognize the importance of this role and work diligently with your family and the professional advisors you select to ensure your wishes are executed flawlessly through your estate planning documents.

Estate and Trust Administration Services

Comprehensive Estate & Trust Administration:

When you entrust FNB with your trust and estate administration, you can rest assured that we handle every detail with meticulous care.

Income and Dividend Collection: We efficiently collect income and dividends generated by your trust or estate assets, maximizing returns on your investments and ensuring financial stability for your beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Distribution: Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your stated wishes by distributing income and principal to your beneficiaries accurately and in a timely manner. Your legacy is our top priority.

Adherence to Estate Planning Documents: We make decisions that align precisely with the instructions laid out in your Estate Planning documents, ensuring your intentions are followed without compromise.

Thorough Asset and Investment Records: FNB maintains detailed records of your assets and investments, providing transparency and accountability in the administration process. 

Streamlined Trust & Estate Settlement Services:

Our goal is to streamline and simplify the entire trust and estate settlement process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. 

Efficient Process: FNB is dedicated to minimizing federal estate and gift taxes, ensuring that the maximum value of your estate passes to your chosen heirs. 

Asset Management: We expertly gather, safeguard, and distribute assets, alleviating the burden on your loved ones during a difficult period. 

Debt Management: We take care of settling all outstanding debts, eliminating any potential complications in the estate settlement process. 

Trust & Estate Taxes:

Navigating the intricate terrain of trust and estate taxes requires specialized knowledge, and FNB is well-equipped to assist you in every detail from income tax returns to estate tax returns. 

Tax Efficiency: Our team possesses a wealth of resources and knowledge to save you time and identify opportunities for tax savings, simplifying your financial life during a challenging time. 

Expertise in Special Tax Matters: We are well-versed in handling the unique tax questions that often arise during estate settlements, ensuring that you benefit from every available tax advantage. 

Why choose Farmers National Bank for your Estate and Trust Administration?

Estate and trust administration through a financial institution plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient management of a person’s financial affairs after their passing. One of the most significant advantages of entrusting this responsibility to a FNB is the level of expertise and professionalism we bring to the table. We have dedicated teams of experts who are well-versed in the complexities of estate and trust administration, including legal requirements, tax implications, and investment strategies. This expertise ensures that the wishes of the deceased are carried out accurately, beneficiaries are protected, and assets are managed in a manner that maximizes their value. 

Furthermore, FNB offers a high level of security and accountability in estate and trust administration. We have stringent internal controls, compliance measures, and reporting standards in place to safeguard the assets and ensure transparency in all financial transactions. This not only protects the interests of the beneficiaries but also helps to prevent disputes and legal challenges. In a world where financial regulations are becoming increasingly complex, and the risk of fraud is ever-present, the trust and credibility associated with FNB makes us a reliable choice for estate and trust administration.  

At FNB, we recognize the importance of trust and estate administration as an integral part of your legacy planning. By choosing us as your partner to administer the trust, you are not only ensuring the meticulous execution of your wishes but also benefiting from our wealth of experience and commitment to safeguarding your assets for generations to come. Trust FNB to navigate the complexities of estate and trust administration, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your legacy is in capable hands.