Financial Planning Services

Our comprehensive financial planning process is based upon the following core principles: Assessment, Goal Setting, Creating a Plan, Execution of the Plan, and Plan Review. By adhering to this process with every client, we bring structure to your long-term goals and objectives. With the expertise, resources, and personal commitment of FNB’s Trust and Asset Management Department, you will have peace of mind knowing your financial life and future is secure.

Asset Management

Need help with your investments?

When you open an investment management account with Farmers National Bank, you will work with a financial professional to determine your financial goals and risk tolerance. Once we have gained an understanding of your long-term financial goals, our financial professional can then create and discuss an investment portfolio that meets your approval.

We will analyze the best course of action for your portfolio by using our research and planning services, given your objectives, risk tolerance and the current market outlook. By delivering comprehensive, risk-sensitive solutions for your wealth management needs, we can help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Retirement Planning

There are several important tax consequences and investment decisions to consider before receiving your 401(k) or other retirement distributions.

Proper management for your retirement is perhaps the most crucial factor in securing your financial future. Management of your retirement plan can be done with a Self-Directed account or an Asset Management account.

If you are confident making and monitoring your own investment decisions, our Self-Directed account is the best financial tool for you.

On the other hand, if you are not confident making your own investment decisions or simply do not have the time to monitor your portfolio and current market conditions, then our Asset Management account is for you. Your account will be managed and monitored under the watchful eye of our investment professionals.