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Residential Lending Frequently Asked Questions 

Residential Lending FAQ

Join Farmers National Bank Vice Presidents Amanda Geuns and Jo Lea Holevoet as they discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding residential lending and mortgages with Justin Nichols.   Prophetstown office:(815) 537-2348 Geneseo Office:(309) 944-0580 1. What is the Mortgage Process?  The journey of securing a mortgage loan begins with completing an application and […]

Digital Doesn’t Mean Disconnected: Blending Digital and Traditional Banking

Digital Doesn't mean Disconnected

Join Tracie Morgan, Vice President and Operations Manager, and Jennifer Franks, Operations Supervisor, as they delve into the dynamic intersection of traditional and digital banking at Farmers National Bank. Farmers National Bank is embracing the digital banking transformation while keeping traditional in-person elements alive for the community. Committed to providing around-the-clock assistance, Farmers National Bank […]

Tis Always the Season for Scams

Tis the Season for Scams

In this new episode from Farmers National Bank, Scott VanOpDorp and Megan Thompson give valuable information on common scams. Listen below and read the additional article so you are prepared to protect your assets. In an era dominated by technology and digital transactions, the threat of financial scams has become increasingly prevalent. Scammers are not […]

Trust Departments and How They Can Help You

Family walking in a field

Unlock your financial potential with Farmer’s National Bank’s Trust Department! We’re your one-stop solution for securing your wealth, ensuring a comfortable retirement, and managing assets efficiently. Our dedicated team, led by the experienced Nick Emerson, offers tailored services in wealth management, retirement planning, farm management, and trust and estate administration. In this episode, Trust Departments […]

Residential Mortgage, Online or Local Bank: Which is best?

Farmers National Bank Residential Mortgage Lenders

In an increasingly digital world, the financial landscape has witnessed a significant increase in online lending platforms. However, are local bank loans still a viable and advantageous option? Join us in this thought-provoking podcast as we delve into the realm of borrowing and explore the key differences between online loans and the benefits of turning […]

What is an Agricultural Bank?

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An agricultural bank, also known as an AG bank, is a type of financial institution that provides specialized financial services to farmers, agribusinesses, and other rural clients to help them manage their finances, invest in their operations, and grow their businesses. In comparison to other types of banks, Agricultural banks often have a more specialized understanding […]