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Cash Management Services

Cash Management offers multiple ACH options, including direct deposit, direct debit and wire transfer services.

Cash Management is tailored to your individual business needs. You can set up multiple users within your organization, allowing either restricted or full access to Cash Management functions and accounts. Each user accesses only what is authorized for them. This feature creates a recommended dual control minimizing error and safeguarding against internal fraudulent activity.

For an additional layer of security, each user will utilize a security token for access to the Cash Management System.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The ACH network is used to transmit funds electronically between financial institutions. Farmers National Bank offers the ACH network via the Cash Management ACH options, allowing your business to utilize the following applications.

Direct Deposit

Electronically credit funds to your employees for payroll, bonuses, and advances, or simplify paying bills for your business by initiating ACHs to any participating vendors or merchants.

Direct Debit

Provide your patrons with the convenience to have their account automatically debited for membership dues, HOA dues, utility payments, rent, mortgage payments, tithing, or other payment obligations. This also ensures prompt receipt of payment, making it easier to reconcile your business’ accounting.

Wire Transfers

Online wire transfer services allow business customers to send both international and domestic wires on behalf of their company without leaving the office!
  • Set up and transmit international and domestic wire transfers until 2:00pm (CT) with the Wire Transfer Service through FNB Cash Management.
  • A wire limit is established for the business and for each individual user, based on the needs of your business and staff.
  • Set up and store wire instructions on our system with our wire template option. When you are ready to transmit the wire transfer, simply enter the amount and transmit the wire.
  • For added security, a wire password is established for each user set up to initiate wires.