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Digital Doesn't mean Disconnected

Digital Doesn’t Mean Disconnected: Blending Digital and Traditional Banking

Join Tracie Morgan, Vice President and Operations Manager, and Jennifer Franks, Operations Supervisor, as they delve into the dynamic intersection of traditional and digital banking at Farmers National Bank. Farmers National Bank is embracing the digital banking transformation while keeping traditional in-person elements alive for the community.

Committed to providing around-the-clock assistance, Farmers National Bank understands the evolving needs of its clients in today’s fast-paced world. While cherishing face-to-face interactions, the bank recognizes the growing demand for on-the-go solutions. Digital banking, featuring chat services, person-to-person Zelle transfers, card management, remote deposit captures, and more, enables clients to conveniently manage their finances anytime, anywhere. 

Far from stagnant, Farmers National Bank is continually enhancing its digital offerings. Upcoming features include video chat, screen sharing, user-friendly address change forms, and updated credit scores integrated into the dashboard. 

Addressing common concerns about digital banking, Tracie and Jennifer shed light on Farmers National Bank’s robust fraud prevention measures. They emphasize the effectiveness of real-time alerts and notifications, empowering clients to swiftly address and resolve any potential fraudulent transactions. With customizable usage monitoring, digital banking puts customers firmly in control. 

FNB is a true community bank and with that comes the need to blend traditional banking with the digital banking transformation. FNB is truly bridging the gap by offering robust digital banking while maintaining personalized interactions for those who prefer to come into a banking location. With locations in Prophetstown, Geneseo and Morrison, FNB is ready to meet your banking needs.

Farmers National Bank’s commitment to its products and services goes beyond being a provider – it is a consumer as well. Proudly serving Northwest Illinois since 1902, this community bank exemplifies passion for innovation and customer-centric banking solutions. Join the conversation and explore the seamless blend of tradition and digital innovation at Farmers National Bank. 

Meet the Experts

Tracie Morgan

Vice President and Operations Manager
Farmers National Bank

Jennifer Franks

Operations Supervisor
Farmers National Bank

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